Microsoft Excel Macros Training Courses in Manchester

Excel Macros training courses onsite at your own offices anywhere in Manchester

Course Objectives

This course covers automation and the customising of Excel using macros and screen items (such as buttons and menus). Delegates learn how to write macros using VB code and assign macros to screen items.

Who Should Attend

Excel users who, at intermediate or advanced level, want to learn how to speed up and automate their work (or other users’ work) in the application using macros.

Previous Excel Experience

Delegates should have a good grounding in Excel (any version) and be familiar with absolute Vs relative cell referencing, functions and formula syntax and sheet linking. Familiarity with the macro recorder would be an advantage. However, those wishing to learn or practice VBA itself should seek our 2 day Visual  Basic course.

Course Contents

Introduction and the Macro Recorder:

  • Introduction
  • Demonstration
  • Recording a macro
  • Recording a macro with absolute references
  • The personal macro workbook
  • Assigning shortcut keys
  • Deleting macros
  • Recording a macro with relative references

Objects and Dialog Boxes:

  • Introduction to objects
  • The object browser
  • Using the object browser and searching it
  • Built-in dialog boxes
  • User defined dialog boxes (message boxes and input boxes)

Introduction to Controls:

  • Worksheet controls
  • User forms

VBA Procedures Used:

  • IF…THEN…ELSE (Conditional Control Structure)
  • SELECT CASE (Branching)
  • The DO…LOOP control structure
  • The FOR…NEXT control structure

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Microsoft Office 2013 Training Courses Manchester

Office 2013 training at your own offices in Manchester from £55 per person

Microsoft Office has gone through many changes since the early versions and has arguably become easier to use. However, we now have far more features than ever and to get the most from the software many find a 1 day skills course to be beneficial. We can deliver Office 2013 training on Excel, Word and Outlook as individual 1 day courses, or all together as a ‘refresher’. You can see an overview of our 1 day onsite training options on the Course Outlines page.

Our 1 day onsite skills-based courses take a very ‘hands on’ approach with delegates using the software continually throughout the day. Our tutors guide the group through a series of onscreen demonstrations, then delegates immediately practise the topics discussed. This means that by the end of the day, everyone is very familiar with the software and individuals leave the course with a practical skill set. Delegates also receive a relevant certificate of completion to add to their CPD.

If you would like a price for onsite training at your offices, or simply more details about our courses, please call 0800 2922842. Alternatively you can request further information through our Quick Enquiry form at the top of the page.

Microsoft Office 2013 Training Courses in Manchester

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Manchester

Excel training courses delivered at your own offices anywhere in Manchester from £55 per person

As specialists in onsite Microsoft Office training we can deliver Excel courses on your premises for less than the cost of a public event. Our onsite group rates mean that the more staff you put onto a course, the lower the price. For full details please visit the Onsite Training page.

Our Microsoft tutors are not only qualified, but also highly experienced in working with Companies to provide focused,  skills-based office training. We appreciate however that choosing a training organisation is an important decision and neither qualifications nor experience are any guarantee of a high quality service. For that reason you may wish to take a look at what clients say about our training services on the Testimonials page, before making your final decision.

Our Microsoft Excel courses are delivered at 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced with each being designed to cover all the topics necessary to work effectively with spreadsheets across a wide range of office applications.

In addition to onsite training, we also provide a live online tutor service. Termed ‘Virtual Training‘, this unique method of delivery utilises our easy to use web conferencing software to provide live 1-1 Excel training. This is a very convenient and cost effective way of gaining new Excel skills, particularly if time is limited. Due to the focused nature of the online training delivery, the usual 1 day course can be condensed into just 4 hours. For more details of our Virtual Training option please visit the Online Training page.

We also offer public Microsoft Excel training courses at a number of locations across Manchester. Acting as trusted partners for many of the UK’s leading Microsoft training providers such as QA & Datrix, we are able to offer substantial discounts on their usual listed course prices. Contact us first before booking a course to see how much we could save you on your Microsoft training.